Statement Regarding the Dissolution of the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh

At a special meeting held on Saturday, August 22, a recommendation was made by the Executive Committee to the Board of the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh to dissolve the organization. The decision was made as a result of the financial constraints caused by the cancellation of Pittsburgh Pride due to Covid-19. Pittsburgh Pride represents 90% of the Foundation’s annual budget.

Beginning immediately, the Executive Committee, along with its law firm Leech Tishman, will be working to dissolve the organization in conjunction with the Attorney General’s office and in accordance with PA Non-Profit Corporation Law.

Because of Covid-19, it is uncertain what the future holds for all large-scale events, such as Pittsburgh Pride which is the third largest special event in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Pride is an important event to our community, our allies, our corporate partners, and our region. For the past 13 years that the Delta Foundation has been producing Pittsburgh Pride, members of the LGBTQ community have made great strides with developing positive relationships with key stakeholders, elected officials and our partners with the City, County and State. We’ve also increased the conversation about the LGBTQ community within the city’s corporations so that people can be their authentic selves and be proud of who they are and where they work.

The Board of Directors agreed that the time has come for change. The Covid-19 pandemic has shined an even brighter spotlight on the significant social and economic obstacles which our community continues to face. From its impact on employment, healthcare and housing, to the Black Lives Matter movement and how it affects trans people, to our elders who feel isolated and who fought the fight to get us to where we are, the LGBTQ community must come together. We must all work collaboratively not only to continue on our quest for equality, but also to make sure programs, services, advocacy, and events continue to be accessible to everyone.

The Board wishes to thank the hundreds of volunteers, vendors, community members and allies who so graciously supported us over the years.