The Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh

“The mission of the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh is to be a vigilant catalyst for change that produces increased opportunities and a high quality of life for the LGBTQ community in Western Pennsylvania.”

Today, the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh is the leading non-profit advocacy LGBTQ organization in Western Pennsylvania.  We are dedicated to improving the quality of life and visibility of the LGBTQ community and we do that in several ways:

  • We produce Pittsburgh Pride, which is the largest community festival that celebrates the diversity of the region specifically for the LGBTQ community and its allies.  It is the 4th largest special event in Pittsburgh and the largest LGBTQ Pride event in Pennsylvania with over 250,000 attendees in 2019.
  • All year long we use the Power of Pride to advocate for issues that affect and effect the LGBTQ community from healthcare to housing to transgender issues.
  • We hold events throughout the year which bring people together and helps to create a strong LGBTQ community.
  • We collaborate with other like-minded organizations including Special Olympics of Western Pennsylvania, Visit Pittsburgh, Trans YOUniting, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, ACLU, Pittsburgh Black Pride, the Dignity & Respect Campaign, TransPride Pittsburgh, Central Outreach Wellness Center, and Pennsylvania Diversity Network…just to name a few.

With years of experience, our all-volunteer Board of Directors consists of community leaders with diverse backgrounds, skills, talents and visions.

2020 Board & Staff

Photo credit: Mark Simpson Photography

Back row (l-r):  Jeff Freedman, Jim Sheppard, Christine Bryan, Eddie McAndrews, Jon Holmes, Martin Healey

Front row (l-f) Patrick Journet, Chuck Lukehart, Dena Stanley
Not Pictured: Chuck Honse & Donny Thinnes

Emeritus Members

Steven R. Herforth, Peter J. Karlovich, Buzz Pusateri

Christine L. Bryan

Contact Us

Our offices are located at 911 Galveston Avenue in Pittsburgh’s North Side.
Phone: 412-322-2800


Board Meetings

Covid-19 Update: Due to the current Covid-19 crisis, board meetings are not open to the public.

All regularly scheduled board meetings are open to the public. Those wishing to speak at a board meeting must register 24 hours in advance of the meeting here.

Jim Sheppard leads a board meeting of the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh
photo credit: Mark Simpson Photography

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Community Report

Social Media Commenting Policy

We encourage the public to comment on our social media pages and welcome all viewpoints. Comments should remain relevant to the topic at hand and participants must treat each other with respect.

In the interest of treating everyone with dignity and respect, we review the comments posted to our social media pages on a regular basis and reserve the right to delete comments that contain the following:

Profane and/or vulgar content; Sexually suggestive or harassing content; Obscene content; Nudity in a participant’s profile picture; Threats of physical or bodily harm; Defamatory statements; Disparaging language or hate speech targeting an individual’s race, color, religious creed, ancestry, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, AIDS or HIV status, or disability; Commercial content promoting or soliciting service or products; Content promoting political organizations; Name-calling and/or personal attacks; Spam, such as the same comment posted repeatedly; Personally identifying, sensitive and/or private information; Language or content suggesting or encouraging illegal activity; Information that could reasonably compromise public safety; and Other content that is deemed inappropriate.

In the event of repeated offenses, we reserve the right to ban a user from our social media pages.
We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time.


Originally incorporated on July 17, 1996 as a spin-off of the Lambda Foundation, the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh was created for the purposes of uniting and fostering good fellowship and social interaction among LGBT residents in the metropolitan Pittsburgh area.

“The mission of the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh is to be a vigilant catalyst for change that produces increased opportunities and a high quality of life for the LGBTQ community in Western Pennsylvania.”

In 2006, a group of  LGBT business owners and citizens came together with the idea of energizing Pittsburgh’s social scene and helping the community financially.  Events were held that raised over $35,000, which was donated to the Gay & Lesbian Community Center and Persad.  After observing their success and desire to form their own non-profit organization, the founding members of the Delta Foundation offered to cede leadership of their organization to the new group.

Since 1973, the humid dog days of Pittsburgh’s summers have brought an annual Pride Parade.

Jim Sheppard leads a board meeting of the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh.

In 2014, the Lambda Foundation and Delta Foundation joined forces and created Lambda Giving with Patrick Journet, Chuck Lukehart and Buzz Pusateri joined the Delta Foundation Board.

Click here to read the article about Delta Foundation and Lambda Foundation joining forces.

As Richard Florida stated in The Rise of the Creative Class, “the most successful regions welcome all kinds of people. The presence of an LGBT community in large numbers is an indicator of an underlying culture that is open-minded and diverse. People look for cities with lots of gay people when they are hunting for a place to live and work. The presence of gays signals an exciting place, where people can fit in and be themselves.“

Pittsburgh Pride

Because of Pittsburgh Pride, the Delta Foundation invests in equipment and infrastructure which allows us to continue to provide a great value to our participants each year. By owning these items, we are able to keep our costs as low as possible, especially for our non-profit vendors, so that the event is accessible to everyone. Hiring a company to erect vendor booths at PrideFest would cost approximately $500 each and we are proud that our registration fees are among the lowest of similar sized Pride events.

2019 Pittsburgh Pride smashes all records!

  • Nearly 50 non-profit organizations took advantage of our free custom tent program representing nearly $35,000 in free support given directly back to them from the Delta Founation of Pittsburgh to use all year round.
  • Our community and allies were dancing all night long at Pride Rocks PGH with alt-rockers Walk the Moon on Friday night & pop diva Toni Braxton on Saturday night.




Entries in the Equality March


Pridefest Vendors


Sponsors & Supporters

  • The Pride Parade officially becomes the largest annual parade in Pittsburgh!
  • Major press coverage locally, regionally, nationally and internationally as Pittsburgh Pride and the “free hugs by dads” initiative made headlines! Stories were filed from everyone from USA Today to People Magazine to even “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah!”

“We are proud that our registration fees are among the lowest of similar sized Pride events.”

Given that we have items such as tents, tables, chairs, picnic tables, coolers, barricades, radios, and sound equipment, we outreach to other organizations and provide these items at low cost or no cost. This allows the Foundation to develop and build relationships with organizations who may have never worked with the LGBTQ community before including Special Olympics of Western Pennsylvania, Strip District Neighbors, Calvary United Methodist Church, and the Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition to just name a few. Through the generosity of a funder, we also have a production printer machine so that we are able to provide printed materials at a greatly reduced rate within a quick timeframe. In turn, these organizations including Pittsburgh Black Pride, TransPride Pittsburgh, and the Let’s Get Free Women and Trans Prisoner Defense Committee are able to save dollars they would’ve otherwise spent to rent or print these items.

In 2018, we were pleased to work with the following organization and events:

  • Working with Allegheny County Labor Council, which produces Pittsburgh’s annual Labor Day Parade, we provided
    them the use of radios.
  • Pittsburgh Black Pride and its two major events: At the Health Fair in Market Square, we provided tables and chairs for each of the 27 health organization who provided much-needed resources. At the annual BBQ in Schenley Park, we provided picnic tables, tents, tables, chairs and coolers. We also printed 200 copies of the Program Book.
  • Tables and coolers were donated to Stonewall Sports Pittsburgh to be used for an event they were having for the teams.
  • For a fundraiser held at the Ace Hotel, we donated the use of sound equipment and lights to Persad Center.
  • For TransPride Pittsburgh’s Pride Week Professional Week, we donated the printing of 100 program books.
  • For TransPride Pittsburgh’s Pride Week Professional Week, we donated the printing of 100 program books.
  • For the Squirrel Hill Night Market, we provided tents, tables, and chairs for their vendors.
  • For the Trans Rally, we provided our sound system and printed rally signs.
  • For Celebrate America, Pittsburgh’s July 4th event, we provided our gators, radios, tables, tents, chairs, barricades and picnic tables.
  • For the Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta, we provided our gators, radios, tables, tents, and chairs, barricades and picnic tables.
  • We print the newsletter for the Women and Trans Defense Prison Committee.

Pride Magazine

The Pittsburgh Pride Magazine is our annual full-color magazine filled with anything and everything about Pittsburgh Pride including a comprehensive calendar, maps, feature articles, and information about each of our events. It also includes up-close and personal interviews with local leaders and national artists who will be performing at Pittsburgh Pride.

Pride March

“These are members of our LGBTQ community and our allies who are proud of who they are, proud of who they work for, and proud to celebrate Pride.”

The Pittsburgh Pride March is without question Pittsburgh’s most colorful march. It’s a march that includes all different kinds of groups that make up the fabric of our community including non-profit partners, faith organizations, local businesses and corporations. But at its heart are members of our LGBTQ community and our allies who are proud of who they are, proud of who they work for, and proud to celebrate Pride.

The Pride March is officially the largest annual parade in Pittsburgh!

Each year, the Delta Foundation’s Pride March empowers, celebrates, and touches our community in many different ways.

Some highlights include:

  • The 30-year employee from PPG who was brought to tears because they could never imagine that the company they work for would be so supportive that they would participate, let alone led by their CEO.
  • The Pittsburgh Transgender group who proudly carried the Delta Foundation’s 10’x20’ Transgender flag for the first
    time allowing our Trans and non-binary community to be elevated and showcased.
  • The gay assistant manager, who was so proud that his employer received its first 100 on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index, and wanted to participate. What started as a single store idea quickly bloomed throughout the region and last year over 600 Walmart employees participated all proudly waving rainbow flags and wearing purple Walmart Pride t-shirts.
  • The gay firefighter from Penn Hills Volunteer Fire Department #1 who was moved to tears when his Chief told him they wanted to participate in the March. Not only did they bring a firetruck decked out in rainbow flags, but the entire group wore matching hot pink t-shirts.
  • The Pride Twirling Group of Pittsburgh, a group of LGBTQ members who have a passion for baton twirling, who participated for the first time and were excited to show off their skills that many hadn’t used since their high school and college days.

Lambda Giving

For over 30 years, the Lambda Foundation had an incredible impact in Pittsburgh’s LGBTQ community with over $1,000,000 in grants and scholarships awarded.  In 2014, the Lambda Foundation and Delta Foundation joined forces and created Lambda Giving and Patrick Journet, Chuck Lukehart and Buzz Pusateri joined the Delta Foundation Board.  Donations are still being accepted for the following funds and scholarships:

Buzz Pusateri Alpha to Omega AIDS Fund supports educating youth and young adults on the prevention of HIV/AIDS and also programs that meet the needs of long-term HIV/AIDS survivors.

The Jamie Stickle Fund supports women’s/lesbian health issues with a focus on raising self-esteem and preventing abuse.

“Over $1,000,000.00 in grants and scholarships awarded.”

The Innovation and Development Grant supports special projects that raise the awareness and understanding of the LGBTQ community.

The William Nist Scholarship is awarded to a high school senior or college student who has made a positive contribution toward the LGBTQ community.

Pittsburgh Tavern Guild Frank Borelli AIDS Fund. Frank Borelli was an activist who owned the LGBT dance club Zack’s on Fourth Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh.  He was one of the first community members to pass away from AIDS in the early ’80s.

To make a tax-deductible donation to any or all of these funds, please click below and designate which fund you would like to support. Your contribution today is greatly appreciated.

Big Gay Picnic - An Annual Tradition

Nothing says summer more than the annual BIG GAY PICNIC on Memorial Day weekend!

Since 1976, the Big Gay Picnic has been the unofficial start to Pittsburgh summers. Held at the Lodge at North Park, the picnic has provided a safe space for the LGBTQ community to gather and socialize since a time before Pride.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, the Big Gay Picnic has been postponed until 2021.

Sports Initiative

The Delta Foundation has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to use the power of our sport teams to cultivate relationships and we are proud of the partnerships that we have built with the Pittsburgh Penguins, Pittsburgh Pirates and Pittsburgh Riverhounds.

Pittsburgh is the undisputed City of Champions and in this town, sports rule.

Pittsburgh Pirates

When the Pittsburgh Pirates called the Delta Foundation three years ago about hosting a Pride night we were excited to resurrect a night out in the ballpark for the community. In 2018, 25 of the 30 MLB teams held a Pride night for their LGBTQ fans and allies.

  • Working with our partners at the URA, the Delta Foundation secured the Riverwalk, between PNC Park and Heinz Field, to hold a pregame tailgate. Over 600 community members and their allies attended and were treated to a delicious picnic buffet for just $5 plus a donated item for Homeless youth. In order to increase the visibility of our group, we installed banners along the railings promoting Pride Day at the Pirates which could be seen by boaters and passer-by’s.
  • We were honored to have MLB Diversity Ambassador Billy Bean and Pirates President Frank Coonelly attend the tailgate, spend time with community members, and address the crowd about the commitment that the Pirates organization has to diversity and treating all with dignity and respect.
  • An invitation was extended to Families Like Ours, an online group of LGBTQ parents and parents-to-be and their families, and we worked together to create a safe, welcoming, and shaded, space for their group to attend. The juice boxes were very popular with the kids!
  • Pre-game festivities included recognizing key volunteers from various LGBTQ organizations on the field. Volunteers are the backbone to many of our organizations and they enable us to do what we do. We were proud to give them the recognition that they deserve and enjoy a relaxing day at the ballpark.
  • Representatives from the drag King and Queen community were invited to carry the 20’x30’ Delta Foundation rainbow flag onto the field…a historic first for PNC Park!
  • The Pirate pride hat quickly became a collectors’ item and ran a news story which featured all the various MLB Pride hats from across the country. Readers were asked to vote in an on-line poll for their favorite and we were thrilled that the Pirate rainbow hat placed 2nd behind the Chicago Cubs!

Pirate Pride Hat The Pirate pride hat quickly became a collectors’ item and ran a news story which featured all the various MLB Pride hats from across the country. Readers were asked to vote in an on-line poll for their favorite and we were thrilled that the Pirate rainbow hat placed 2nd behind the Chicago Cubs!

Pittsburgh Penguins

Penguins goalie & You Can Play ambassador Matt Miller meets with local Gay Straight Alliance groups.

Working with the Pittsburgh Penguins through its “You Can Play” initiative, the Delta Foundation has held a Pride Night at PPG Paints Arena for two years and we are proud of the visibility that we have provided to our LGBTQ community including:

  • Upon arrival to PPG Paints area, fans were treated to the exterior sign lit up in rainbow colors.
  • The rainbow was incorporated among much of the Penguins branding included social media pages and posts and printed materials including the Iceberg magazine.
  • We invited LGBTQ organizations to table in the Hallmark Highway and provide information and resource material. Participants included Persad Center, Stonewall Sports, and LGBTQ Hockey.
  • We invited area high school Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) groups to join us at the game. Leveraging our relationships with our Pittsburgh Pride sponsors, we asked them to donate their suites so that as many students as possible could attend. The Penguins also donated use of the Evangi Malkin suite. We had over 100 students and chaperones attend from high schools including Latrobe, North Allegheny, Seneca Valley and Clarion. Many students had never been to a Penguins game before and it was an opportunity for them to come together, meet each other, and enjoy a special night out. As one chaperone from Clairon High School said, “I don’t understand what it is to be gay, but I love my son and I want him to be happy so I am here to support him.”
  • Working with CAPA high school, we had a member of the LGBTQ community sing the national anthem prior to the start of the game.

“I don’t understand what it is to be gay, but I love my son and I want him to be happy so I am here to support him.” – Clarion High School Chaperone


The Riverhounds, Pittsburgh’s professional soccer club, which plays at Hallmark Stadium has been holding a Pride Night during their season for the past three years. Soccer continues to be a popular sport among youth and hosting a Pride Night allows the message to be sent that everyone is welcome to participate no matter who you are or who you love.

  • Providing a dramatic backdrop of the Pittsburgh skyline, Highmark Stadium has hosted the Riverhounds Pride Night for the past three years. In 2018, we partnered with G2H2 (Gay Guy Happy Hour), K&L Gates, Stonewall Sports and Steel Army.
  • The Steel Army, the Riverhounds fan club, produced rainbow scarves, which proved to be very popular and sold out immediately with proceeds benefitting LGBTQ youth organizations.
  • Game tickets were just $16 with $1 happy hour pricing before the start of the game.
  • Representatives from the community carried out the 20’x30’ rainbow flag onto the field for the pre-game festivities for the very first time.
  • We partnered with PFLAG to provide free tickets to the game for LGBTQ youth.
  • Victor Aponte, a member of the community, performed the national anthem.

Wellness Initiative

“Working with our partners at UPMC, we advocated for Central Outreach Wellness Center to be accepted into the UPMC Health Plan so that they could service the needs of the trans community.”

In 2012, the FDA approved the use of Truvada for people who are HIV-negative to prevent the virus from taking hold. Nicknamed “PrEP” for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, the drug, taken once-a-day, has proven to be 99 percent effective in blocking HIV.

When the Delta Foundation saw other major cities in the U.S. promoting PrEP, we reached out to other AIDS Service Organizations to ask what their plans were to promote the medication to the LGBTQ community. We were dismayed to learn there were none.

If you are in need of health and wellness services specific to the LGBTQ community, Pittsburgh has great resources available.

So the Delta Foundation mounted a marketing campaign to introduce PrEP to the community. This included the following multi-pronged approach:

  • We invited 30 social media “influencers” to have a frank discussion with them about PrEP with medical experts. This included what it was, what it does, who could take it, and dispelling myths around cost, insurance and co-pays, and side effects. We learned that many in the room hadn’t been to a doctor in years. Some didn’t have a doctor. Others went to their family doctor. In most cases, none of them felt comfortable talking about their sexuality with their doctor. A few who did know a little about PrEP had asked their doctor about it and they were immediately directed to one of the AIDS Service organizations.
  • Working with our partners at the AIDS Education and Training Center, we held a two-day testing and training session at the Delta Foundation office on HIV with 30 community members. These volunteers went on to serve on the outreach team.
  • We developed an outreach campaign to LGBTQ-friendly bars and events, created Facebook events, and encouraged the community to get a “wellness exam.” With a completed exam, patients would receive an incentive of a $20 discount coupon to see the Pride concert. During the wellness exam urine and blood were collected, and each person was given the PrEP quiz to take and a discussion was held about PrEP. Several days later, each patient was contacted with their results, an appointment was made, and following the exam and based on their quiz score, PrEP was prescribed. Everyone who wanted a Wellness exam was seen regardless of HIV status, insurance status, or their ability to pay.
  • We worked with our partners at Mylan to sponsor the Wellness Village at Pittsburgh Pride. There were educational tables from several specialty pharmacies in place where people could receive additional information.

Everyone who wanted a Wellness exam was seen regardless of HIV status, insurance status, or their ability to pay.

Since the wellness initiative began, the Delta Foundation, in conjunction with its partners, has achieved the following results:

  • Nearly 1,000 people have received a wellness exam.
  • 20% of who received a wellness exam were prescribed PrEP.
  • Patients on PrEP are now in regular, managed healthcare and required to see a doctor every three months in order to continue on the medication.
  • In November, Allegheny County health officials reported a reduction in the number of new HIV cases.
  • From 2015 to 2017, the number of new HIV cases went downby 30 percent and new AIDS cases were down 56 percent,according to data from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.
  • HIV diagnosis in 2015 were 142, 126 in 2016 and 100 in 2017.
  • Pittsburgh is now home to the 2nd largest prescriber of PrEP in the United States.


Perhaps the most important work the Delta Foundation of Pittsburgh does is advocate for all members of our community. As we believe that changes happens through conversation, much of our advocacy work is done “behind the scenes.” We continue to receive calls daily from community members looking for recommendations on resources available to them from employment to healthcare.

Our transgender and non-binary community continues to experience a great deal of discrimination from both within and outside of our community. We are proud to be a founding partner in TransPride, which started in 2010, and we have made it a high priority to listen and educate ourselves on the specific needs of this community.

We have worked to elevate and lift the trans community in the following ways:

  • When a transgender woman was mistreated and misgendered at one of Pittsburgh’s popular evening attractions, we held six months of meetings with their leadership and our partners at the City of Pittsburgh Human Relations Commission to help educate and change its polices as it relates to people whose governent ID do not match their gender expression.
  • Working with our partner at Trans YOUniting we held a transgender training with the employees and volunteers of the Mattress Factory, prior to the opening of a permanent installation featuring the life of the late Greer Lankton, famous for depicting the transgender experience.
  • We were asked once again to assist with a Trans Rally held on the steps of the City County Building by helping to market the event, provide sound equipment, securing permits, communicating with law enforcement, and printing rally signs.
  • We donate supplies, provide infrastructure, and work with our community partners to donate raffle prizes at the TransT-nic (picnic) held every August. Staff and board members also attend the event because we believe in the importance of showing up and being present.
  • We purchased and introduced a large trans flag for the Equality March which is proudly carried by the trans community.
  • We connected our partners at EQT with Trans YOUniting and the Washington County Gay Straight Alliance and several events have been held with employees to support their efforts.
  • We hosted and participated in a transgender training with Starbucks district managers, managers and barristas along with TransYOUniting.
  • When the media received word of the first transgender officer in training for the Pittsburgh Police Department, we worked with City of Pittsburgh Human Resources department and with our partners at KDKA-TV so that the media messaging was positive.
  • We facilitated a meeting between Senator Casey in Washington DC and a group of trans and POC community members so that they could tell their stories first-hand about the challenges the community continues to face.
  • At the first Pride Night at the Penguins event, a trans community member sang the national anthem. Every year moving forward, the Penguins have asked us to identify someone from the community to sing.
  • We worked with the Penguins and Persad to identify 20 trans and genderqueer youth to be invited to the Evgeni Malkin Charity box at the Pride Night at the Penguins event in 2017. In 2018, we hosted over 50 high school students and their chaperones who belong to their GSA’s at the game, many of whom have never attended a Pens game or an event at PPG Paints Arena. Many of the tickets to the game were donated by our corporate partners.
  • Trans YOUniting founder Dena Stanley was the first transgender person to ever throw out the first pitch at a Pirates game.
  • We have sponsored two major Pride events with the Ball Community…Ball on the Bridge and Ball on the Blvd. which brought the culture of Ballroom and voguing out and visible to new audiences.
  • We facilitated the largest donation in history to Proud Haven from Pirates Charities at Pride day in 2017. In 2018, the Pirates Charities donation benefitted the Homeless Housing fund, which provides temporary housing to LGBTQ community members.

“Conversations continue with our partners at UPMC Health Plan about working with their newly formed Trans Task Force, which will serve as a resource for staff and providers who work with the community.”

  • Allegheny County is one of handful of cities that participates in the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund’s Name Change Project which provides pro bono legal name change services to low-income transgender, gender non-conforming and non-binary people. Led locally by our partners at Reed Smith, we refer clients, hold workshops for the community, and promote the availability of this resource which has led to Allegheny County having one of the most successful programs in the country.
  • We continue to work with TransYOUniting to facilitate ongoing transgender training with the Pittsburgh Police Department and Persad as new recruits are brought into the force.
  • Working with our partners at UPMC, we advocated for Central Outreach Wellness Center to get accepted into the UPMC Health Plan so that they could to service the needs of the trans community.
  • We have arranged for numerous radio, TV and print interviews with people of color and trans community members throughout the year as the Trump Administration continues to try to erase their existence.
  • We have on-going conversations with all of our partners about training their staff on LGBTQ competency, specifically transgender issues.
  • We held an LGBTQ Political training workshop to educate the community on how important it is for them to become part of the political process.
  • We worked with the Pittsburgh Police Department and members of the trans community to develop a Transgender Police Policy.
  • Conversations continue with our partners at UPMC Health Plan about working with their newly formed Trans Task Force, which will serve as a resource for staff and providers who work with the community.
  • With trans-specific care now included as part of insurance plans, we’ve identified a need in Pittsburgh for providers who are trans-competent and we are working with UPMC Health Plan to develop this area of opportunity.
  • When a Norwin High School trans student was denied access to using the male or female restroom, we coordinated an interview with them, their parents, and KDKA Radio’s Marty Griffin to help educate the public about the situation.

Media Relations

Working to keep the LGBTQ community top of mind in the Pittsburgh media scene is something that the Delta Foundation works daily at doing. We are proactive and reactive when breaking news hits that has anything to do with our community and we have excellent relationships with many contacts who are allies and want to tell the positive stories about our community. We have a 24 hour media hotline into our office and we make ourselves immediately available whenever the media calls. We use our relationships to educate and we have provided media training to some of our partner organizations so that they continue to feel comfortable in front of the camera and can act as a source for future news stories.

“We are proactive and reactive when breaking news hits that has anything to do with our community”

Without an LGBTQ specific news source, the Delta Foundation Facebook page has become Pittsburgh’s main resource for all things LGBTQ on a local, national and international level. With over 73,600 Facebook fans, we’re proud to provide a forum for the community and our allies (and yes, even some haters) to engage in a conversation. We have the 2nd largest Facebook fan page of any Pride organization in the United States (behind NYC Pride) and the 3rd largest in North America.

Depending on the nature of the story, we will ask community members to participate in the interview if they comfortable doing so and oftentimes we will attend the interview with them to make sure they feel safe and are treated with diginity and respect.


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Pittsburgh Pride

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